Terms & Conditions

1.       Parking

Due to parking restrictions in London, it is the clients responsibility to pay for and provide parking permits or suspended parking bays before work commences. If parking permits are not provided, parking costs will be added to the final invoice (plus VAT). Congestion charge will also be added where appropriate.

2.       Soft Furnishings and Furniture

It is the client’s responsibility to remove and put back blinds, curtains, pelmets, shutters or related soft furnishings surrounding windows before any work and after any work is carried out.  If you would like NE-Build / EasiSash to carry out this work an additional charge may be added to the final invoice and any such work will be carried out at the client’s own risk. Unless otherwise agreed, furniture and other items should be removed from rooms being worked in or moved well away to avoid damage. We will not be held responsible for any damage in any circumstances.

3.       Payment

Full payment is required on the day of completion. We reserve the right to add interest to any outstanding balances at 5% above the Bank of England’s base rate. If for any reason it is not possible to complete all agreed work or there is a delay in completion for any reason, an invoice for part payment may be raised. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer, we do not accept cash. You may withhold 5% of the outstanding balance for any minor works or alterations that you may consider require attention following installation. Once defects have been rectified the outstanding  balance is due immediately. Supply only orders require 50% deposit and the balance on collection / delivery

4.       Deposit and Timescales

A 25% deposit is required for all works. A further 35% will be payable on the first day of installation for new windows and sashes only. Full balances will be required on day of completion. Supply only orders require 50% deposit and balance on collection/delivery. An insurance backed deposit guarantee scheme is provided for deposits for new windows. For any work requiring the manufacture of new timber the standard timescales are 8-10 weeks from receipt of deposit.

5.       Cooling Off Period & Cancellation

A 7-day cooling-off period is provided once a deposit has been taken, If you wish to cancel the agreement within 7 days of paying a deposit you will be provided with a full refund. If you decide to cancel your order after the cooling off period we will require 75% of the total value quoted. Everything is made to measure and if we have commenced the construction of your windows, it is not practical to reuse any materials. We reserve the right to cancel any agreement and return the deposit in full.

6.       Changes

Any changes to the original estimate will be carried out once both parties agree the price in advance.

7.       Planning Consents

It is the customers’ responsibility to indentify the need for necessary planning consents.

8.       Damage

We take all reasonable care whilst working at your property. We prepare by using plastic sheeting and extensive use of dust sheets where appropriate. However when replacing sills or fitting new windows unavoidable damage can occur to plaster work and wall covering. Whilst we will make good minor plasterwork repairs further decoration may be needed and met at your own cost. Should significant replastering work be required to blown plaster this will be need to be undertaken at your own cost. We will not be held responsible or any damages in any circumstances.

9.       Delivery

Any installation dates given to customers are given in good faith. Whilst we make every effort to honour the installation dates given they may be subject to change at short notice. If installation dates are changed at short notice or installation is interrupted for any reason, the company will not be liable for any losses incurred.

10.   Glazing

When re-glazing broken window panes putty requires 1 month to dry out. Unless otherwised agreed, we do not paint putty for re-glazed panes. Any imperfections in glass will be in accordance with the Glazing and Glazing Federation for imperfections

11.   Acoustic Glass

Statistical information concerning the acoustic performance of glass is provided by the manufacturer’s specifications and relates only to the performance of the glass itself. Installing acoustic glass is only one part of sound proofing your building and we cannot be responsible for the acoustic performance of other materials such as brick work

12.   Fensa Certificates

FENSA certificates are issued once the full balance has been sent. Certificates are supplied when a complete new window; a new window is both a new frame and new sashes. Where new double glazed sashes are fitted into an existing frame this is not a new window but is classified as renovation and does not require a FENSA certificate

13.   Reinstated Sashes

Where new sashes are fitted into an existing box frmae, historic movement may occur. In these cased the sashes may need to be planed at an angle to fit the frame and as a result may show sloping

14.   Existing box frames

There are parts of a box sash window frame that are hidden and cannot easily be inspected. Due to the unknown condition it may not be practical or possible to carry out certain repairs. This may include removing or repairing brickwork debris, nails and broken flappers inside the frame

15.   Lead Weights

When fitting double glazed sash windows and specifically when including acoustic or laminated glass, it may not be possible for the window to fully open due to the increased weight. With new double glazed sashes the weight of the windows needs to be counter balanced by lead weights. The cost of lead weights is a substantial part of the overall price. Whilst are prices are valid for 60 days, due to the above if the price of lead increases we reserve the right to alter our pricing to reflect this additional cost.

16.   Complaints

All formal complaints need to be sent in writing and will be responded to within 10 working days

17.   Guarantee

An insurance backed guarantee is provided for new sash windows (see above) This covers all timber (5years), sealed double glazed units (5years), paint work (2 years) and window furniture (12 months)

a.       The guarantee is only valid once the full payment of outstanding balance has been paid

b.      The guarantee does not extend to fair wear and tear or damage caused by accident, including storm damage, break in, misuse or neglect. Defective brick work will also invalidate the guarantee.

c.       Except between the glass pane of sealed units, no guarantee is given concerning the prevention or reduction of condensation

d.      The guarantee is invalid if regular maintenance is not carried out. In order to maximise the life of your windows and to maintain our guarantee, thepaint work should be washed regularly. Waxed wood should be waxed at monthly intervals for the first 3 months and 6 months thereafter. Painted surfaces should be redecorated externally every 3 years and internally every 7 years

e.      You must notify us within 28 days of any claim under the terms of this guarantee of discovery of the fault and preferablt you should notify us by sending us a special delivery letter

f.        Despite the fact that your statutory rights remain unaffected this guarantee does not extend to

-          Minor imperfections within the glass and outside the scope of the visual quality standards of the Glass and Glazing Federation

-          Damage due to misuse, neglect or lack of maintenance by you

-          Re-painting of existing timber or lacquered coatings on brassware