Making Good

“Complete customer satisfaction!”

The basics of Making Good is the process of repair and decoration of all areas surrounding the window frames. But unlike other installation companies we offer a complete Making Good service that is second to none.

When a window frame is removed there is always some damage to the immediate area surrounding the window, whether this is paint, wallpaper, tiling or even brick work damage, there is always some extra work to be done to Make Good. EasiSash is one of the few companies that is able to offer the level of service that ensures that when we’re finished, your rooms are put back to how we found them, if not better!

EasiSash Making Good is broken down into two stages:

1. Paint and touch-up work on the window itself, along with basic repair of immediate wall areas to ensure the window is safe & secure. (INCLUDED with all window installations)

2. Complete redecoration of any damage to walls or previous wall decoration. (OPTIONAL for any window installation)


When the old windows are removed there can some times be unforeseen issues such as rot, old mortar crumbling away, or frail wall covers, and others. Rather than have to hire decorators or builders to fix the issue, EasiSash can supply everything in house. We can work with our sister company NE Build Ltd to bring in the required skilled and experienced decorators or builders for any job.

No matter what happens we are able to Make Good the whole window area back to its original look…or even a completely different one if requested.


Once the installation has been completed our surveyor will inspect every aspect of the installation and confirm that the project meets with your approval.

Once you have assessed the work and are happy we will leave you with all the relevant guarantee paperwork and a unique AFTERCARE package.

This package will have everything you need to upkeep your new window, including paints/varnishes, brushes, instructions to ensure that your window lasts for as long as possible.

If you need help, our experts are just a phone call away and will be on hand to help with any issues you have.

When we say we want to guarantee COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION we mean it.

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Making Good Guide

Stage 1: (included in all window installations)

Step 1: Prepare architrave with tape to protect painted areas.

Step 2: Fill in of all gaps around window frame with plaster

Step 3: Fill all holding-pin holes in the sill & architrave with wood-filler.

Step 4: Sand down all surfaces to provide smooth, flat finish.

Step 5: Apply primer coat of paint to the wood.

Step 6: Apply two coats of oil or water based paint to the wood.

Step 7: Apply top coat of paint to the wood

Step 8: Begin final complete clean of the room and reset of furniture. Or proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2: (optional for all window installations)

Step 9: Depending of the wall coverings (painted, tiled, pannelled, or wallpapered) there are several different processes.

Step 10: Begin final complete clean of the room and reset of furniture.