Part of our high level of customer care is the effort we make in the fitting of your windows. Our ‘Total Care’ policy ensures that our experienced fitters focus on causing the minimal of disruption to your home. We are aware that the work is done in your home, so our promise is to leave your home as we find it!

The installation will be scheduled to best accommodate with your plans and schedule. Then on the confirmed date our fitters will arrive on-site with the latest installation and dust-protection equipment available.

The site will be carefully prepared the day before the windows arrive. Every care will be taken to minimise debris disbursement and ensure site safety. Our fitting services includes floor to ceiling dust protection, specially strengthened debris bags, and even shoe covers!

Removal and fitting of a new bay window will normally be undertaken in one day.

Upon completion the waste, including the old window, will be safely removed (unless otherwise requested) and carefully disposed. But we haven’t finished yet… see Making Good.

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Fitting Guide

Step 1: Preparing the room. All necessary furniture is first removed or rearranged, while dust sheets & protective covers are placed over ever all nearby surfaces & corridors.

Step 2: No work is carried out until the new windows are delivered to ensure the security of your home.

Step 3: All shutters, curtains and railings are carefully removed & stored.

Step 4: The architrave & sills are removed.

Step 5: The sashes are removed from the frames.

Step 6: All weights, ropes, & pulleys are then removed.

Step 7: The frames are cut/broken apart and removed.

Step 8: The frame space is then cleared of any remaining wood, stone, dirt, so that no debris remains, and provides a clean space for the new windows.

Step 9: The new windows are then checked, if required further parts are installed, and then placed in the window space.

Step 10: Leveling & buttressing is then carried out to ensure the window fits perfectly in the space provided.

Step 11: The whole window frame is then secured using expanding foam, and all gaps are filled to ensure a secure fit.

Step 12: The architrave and sills are then installed, after using all sides of the window are perfectly smooth.

Step 13: At this point your new sash windows are installed! All that’s left is the Making Good.